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July 2017 Newsletter

White Paper – Non-Stock Market Income Generating Alternatives

Introduction to the Universe of Non-Stock Market Income Generating Alternatives There are three basic categories of investments: conservative, moderate and aggressive. Aggressive instruments are those primarily invested in for growth. As the chart shows, they include things such as common stock, stock mutual funds, speculative real...

White Paper – Are Your Allocations Right for Social Security?

Are Your Allocations Right For Social Security Nothing exists in a vacuum, meaning that even if you’ve determined the best time and method of taking your Social Security benefits based on your age, objectives and lifelong earnings, it won’t matter unless you properly...

White Paper – Understanding Social Security Benefits

Understanding Social Security Benefits Before you can retire, you should know what all of your sources of income are going to be, and how much you can expect to receive from each. Social Security benefits will, obviously, be one of...

White Paper – Are Your Allocations Right for RMDs?

Are Your Allocations Right For RMDs Making sure your IRAs are allocated properly for required minimum distributions (RMDs) once you reach the age at which you must take them is as simple as following a bit of advice your parents probably used...