No Cost Class on Required Minimum Distributions

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September 14, 2022


 at 6:00 pm


Hobe Sound Public Library, 10595 SE Federal Hwy, Hobe Sound, FL 33455

Learning how to help avoid costly mistakes may be your best investment

How the Current Administration Could Impact Your Retirement Accounts Starting in 2022…

New Tax Laws and recent changes to qualified retirement accounts and IRS mandated Required Minimum
Distributions (RMDs) bring advantages and disadvantages. Some changes have the potential to be beneficial;
however, you must make sure you are working with the most current and up-to-date information so you can help
avoid costly mistakes.


As of 2022, the new law mandates you start taking RMDs from your qualified retirement accounts once you reach
age 72. The new provisions can be complex, with unforgiving consequences. If you make one small error, you and/or
your heirs could be hit with severe penalties. This presentation will bring clarity to how the new changes impact your
retirement and how to help avoid IRS problems.



• What is an RMD, and why are millions of Americans caught off guard?
• Strategies for dealing with New Capital Gains Tax Rates
• Income Strategies in today’s low interest rate environment
• Inflation is on the rise – What are the long-term effects of your dollar buying less? What are the consequences?
• How to help calculate your RMDs considering the new law
• How the age change and the timing for RMD withdrawals could affect you
• Whether Roth conversions make sense considering the latest changes
• Tax-Saving Strategies under the current administration
• Asset allocation strategies to help you avoid cannibalizing your principal when you are taking RMD distributions.


~~Make sure your RMD strategy is optimized best for you. 
~~Find out what you need to know to help avoid the 50% IRS penalty!

This complimentary educational event is provided as a public service and comes with no obligation.

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