Retirement Income Solutions in Stuart, FL

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Investing for Income

Income is not a new concept. It’s been around for centuries as a way for people to get paid for some form of labor or capital. However, after decades spent working for our income, the last thing most of us want is to keep working during our golden years in order to enjoy a more comfortable retirement.

In order to have a more financially stress-free retirement, you’ll need income to help pay for all the fun activities you have planned. By making the switch to Investing for Income instead of Growth, you could help preserve what you worked so hard to accumulate and use your savings as a renewable source of interest and dividend payments you can count on.

Making the switch to Investing for Income can be simple, as long as you have the right guide. By planning ahead, we can help ensure you’ve done all you can to enjoy the retirement you’ve always envisioned.

As life expectancies increase, many people can expect to enjoy 30 years or longer in retirement. If you are one of the lucky ones who is able to enjoy that many years in retirement, you’ll need to find a way to make your savings last that long.

What is the Best Way to Invest for Income?

Although the amount of money you have saved will play a big part in how much income you can generate, what can be equally important is the investment approach you take. Making the switch to investing for income ahead of retirement means you can help make your savings last longer.

That’s why advisors knowledgeable about the right ways to Invest for Income will take the time to create a customized portfolio of individual, income-generating investments, filled with things such as high-dividend paying stocks, bonds, and other bond-like instruments.

The great thing about Investing for Income is that if you don’t need the income at that particular time, you can reinvest it and grow your money the old fashioned way.

That is exactly what the Income Specialists at Perkins  Advisors specialize in: helping our clients generate ongoing income, in the form of interest and dividends, while taking advantage of opportunities for organic growth.

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